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iVueit Attends City Summit 2022, Hosted by National League of Cities

National League of Cities - iVueit attends City Summit

iVueit is attending the National League of Cities’ City Summit, the nation’s largest gathering of local elected leaders from across the country. The three-day conference will focus on sharing best practices for local leaders to put into action in their communities; providing attendees with federal funding opportunities in newly passed legislation; and connecting leaders to national experts.

Local leaders from across the country are tackling some of the toughest issues of our time. City Summit is where they can learn, network, and connect to get the tools and resources to strengthen their leadership in their communities. Local lenders will interact and hear from experts in a variety of sectors. Key programming topics include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Political Incivility
  • Mental Health
  • Housing Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Workforce Development
  • Innovation & Technology

iVueit is looking forward to connecting with municipalities to share a visual verification solution that expedites an array of initiatives while reinvesting money back into the hands of locals in their communities. iVueit performs the following type of on-demand inspections for municipalities across the country:

  • Housing Condition Survey
  • Zoning Code Violations
  • Property Tax Valuations
  • Property Maintenance Violations
  • County/City Auditor Valuation
  • Historical Building Inventory
  • Commercial & Residential Properties
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Asset Inventory

Albany, Georgia Disaster Recovery Project

Miami Dade Parcel Survey Project