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Property Inspections

in 24 hours or less on average

Property Inspections

 in 24 hours or less on average

Facilities Management

For retailers, contractors, and service aggregators who need to verify current conditions, work order completion, asset management and more.



For SFR professionals, owner operators, or property managers who need residential inspections to verify occupancy status and condition updates.



For municipalities who need to verify local parcels or assets including housing conditions, code enforcement, tax assessor, and more.



For Insurance agencies who need on-demand photo validation for underwriting purposes  or to assess risks in real-time.



For CPG and convenience store professionals who need to monitor their retail execution remotely with rapid actionable feedback.



[ vyoo ] noun
See synonyms: Audit / inspection / survey / visual verification

Unbiased photo & survey data collection via the iVueit app. Vues can be requested for 1-100K+ residential or commercial properties and average a completion time of 24 hours or less.

“My company manages a portfolio of 3,500 properties that were just rebranded. Rather than traveling to assure project completion on every site, we requested Vues with iVueit! In 48 hours we had all the information, photos, and feedback we needed.”

iVueit for Clients

Request interior and exterior Vues on any residential or commercial location and start receiving the data back in sometimes just minutes. See your properties from the customers POV.


iVueit for Vuers

Complete nearby Vues on your smartphone to earn extra cash in your pockets. Anyone can sign up to become a Vuer by downloading the iVueit app.


Problems We Solve

Simply put, if you need photos or property feedback, we can get it for you, today – sometimes in just minutes.

Project speed to execution

Work order verification assurance

Customizable survey scripts

Visibility to remote locations

Unbiased Field Partner assessments

Enhance and expand boots on the ground

How it Works

1. Find Vue +
Once a client submits a request, the Vues become available on the mobile app for our Vuer Network

2. Accept Vue +
If it seems like a good fit, the Vuer will claim the Vue and capture on-site photos within the set time limit

3. Complete Vue +
The app provides step-by-step instructions and customizable survey questions to guide the Vuer while on site

4. Submit Vue +
After the information is collected and submitted, our in-house quality control team reviews all data before approving

6. Get Paid +
If everything looks good, the Vuer gets paid and our client receives near real-time insights on their portfolio of properties

Asset Management
Contract Compliance
Work order Verification
Emergency Response
Interior / Exterior Conditions
Day and Night
Quality Control
Aerial Drone

Vues We Perform

Clients come to us when they struggle to manage information on their multi-site and dispersed portfolios. Without accurate and timely data they are unable to make informed decisions that impact quality control and compliance, which is frustrating. Instead of tying up their own resources, we help them expand and enhance their boots on the ground by connecting them with our on-demand network that retrieves and consolidates photo and survey data within 24 hours at a fraction of the cost.

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Our Differentiators

  • Most trusted, fastest, and affordable method to collect photo & survey information from the customer’s POV
  • 100% fool proof transparency and accuracy guaranteed, or you don’t pay
  • Flexible and hassle-free options to customize requested scope of work for specific sites
  • Centralized client portal to streamline the way you manage, store, and export all the assets you manage (Ask us about API connectivity)

100% Client Retention For a Reason

Read what they are saying

“iVueit is like Uber for photos. I pay a fraction of the cost and get better results than I do from technicians in the field.”

“We used iVueit over this past snowstorm and were able to increase our reporting accuracy and meet our reporting deadline. We saw more locations than we ever could in the past. Brilliant technology.”

“Top notch photo quality for a great bargain and precisely what we were looking for. We will be using the service again moving forward.”

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