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Become a Vuer

download the iVueit app on your smartphone device to start earning today

Become a Vuer

Our Vuer Network is made up of an amazing group of everyday people across the country. Have a smartphone and a desire to make some extra cash? That is all you need to get started, simply download the app  (IOS) (Android) and register to start claiming Vues near you today.

Like our Vuers, every Vue is unique! Read the specific instructions for every Vue, take the requested photos of the property, answer survey questions, and click submit. Our team will review your completed Vue within 24 hours or less on average and credit your iVueit Wallet!

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Completing a Vue is Simple
Accept a Vue
Snap Photos
Complete Survey
Submit Vue
Get Paid
iVueit app to do screenshot
Vue Sites. Make Money.
Make Money Taking Photos

With iVueit, you get paid real money every time you successfully complete a Vue. 

Work When You Want

Claim and complete Vues when it is convenient for you, we have daytime and nighttime Vues.

All you need is a smartphone

This is the only equipment you will need! Download the iVueit app and start claiming Vues near you.

Get Paid Fast

Your iVueit Wallet is credited every time your Vues are approved. Simply select withdraw in the wallet and funds are transferred to your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Vue Process
Accept Vue

iVueit will notify you when a Vue becomes available nearby. Read the instructions and claim the Vue if you wish to complete it.

Complete Vue

Travel to the site address in the app, take the photos requested, complete the survey and click submit.

Get Paid

Your Vuer Wallet will be credited for all completed Vues. Simply select withdraw at any time and your request will be paid via PayPal within 24 hours.


Keep your location services activated on your device to receive notifications for Vues near you. Activate Commuter Mode to be notified of Vues while on the go.

Maintain a Vuer rating greater than 80% to be placed in the Preferred Vuer Network where you can claim more Vues and receive early notifications when new Vues are posted.

Vues typically pay between $7-$50 depending on the complexity of the Vue. Funds are added to your iVueit Wallet and you can select to withdraw at any time. All Vues are paid via PayPal.