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Speed Up Data Collection With a Mobile Workforce of 400K+ App Users


Speed Up Data Collection With a Mobile Workforce of 400K+ App Users

Gather On Site Information On 1-10K+ Assets In 24 Hours Or Less

    Types of Vues We Perform

    Request interior/exterior inspections & receive the data back the same day

    Loss Control
    Small Business
    Emergency Response

    The iVueit Advantage

    Nationwide Reach

    You need eyes everywhere, capturing everything. From validating damage claims to performing risks assessments. Our Vuers are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

    Customizable Surveys

    Adjust any survey for free, on-demand, and hassle free with your account manager.  Customize your surveys  to meet specific requests for each site in your portfolio.

    Ridiculously Fast

    Send us 1-100k+ properties and our Vuer Network will have the requested photo and survey data back to you in 24 hours or less, and sometimes in just minutes.

    Challenges We Tackle for Insurance Companies

    Instantly enhance & expand your boots on the ground

    • Provides real-time property inspections, reducing the need for in-person visits
    • Enhances claim verification with accurate, timely photographic evidence
    • Reduces fraud with up-to-date property condition reports
    • Streamlines claim processing through fast, verified data collection
    • Improves customer satisfaction with quicker claim resolutions

    100% Client Retention For a Reason

    Read what they are saying

    “Staying on top of property conditions across our portfolio has always been a challenge. iVueit’s services have been a game-changer. Their Vuers alleviated the headache of timely property assessments that we could never keep up with.”

    “iVueit has become an invaluable partner in our operations. Their flexible surveys capture any type of information we need and they are always so resourceful in expanding our compliance vision. We’ve been impressed since day 1.”

    “The iVueit team goes above and beyond by reviewing every single photo and escalating the issues we are looking for before we even touch the data. That extra layer of quality control has accelerated turnaround times & reduced fraud.”