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iVueit Client Institute

Client Training

The world’s largest & most trusted on-demand network of inspectors. See any property in 24 hours or less on average.

The iVueit Institute is home to free training tutorials, product demos, and educational resources that cover everything you need to know about becoming a Client. Navigate to any video to learn how you can instantly enhance and expand your boots on the ground with our nationwide Vuer Network.

Free Resources & Courses
iVueit Explained Video
How it Works

Learn about the company who revolutionized the way property data is collected and compliance is driven on multi-site portfolios.

Dynamic Surveys

Tune into iVueit Explained 7.0 to learn about dynamic surveys including, conditional surveys, group instances, single & multi-select, and more.

Disaster Response Vues

Tune into iVueit Explained 6.0 to learn problems we solve for residential and commercial properties when disaster hits. Instantly assess damage with iVueit.

Residential Property Inspections

Join our CEO for iVueit Explained 5.0 to learn how real-estate professionals are utilizing iVueit for their nationwide property inspections.

Winter Inspection Services

Tune into iVueit Explained 4.0 for an overview on how facility managers, contractors, and property owners are leveraging iVueit to drive winter compliance.

Innovative FM Tech

Tune into iVueit Explained 3.0 where our COO breaks down a high level overview of iVueit’s crowdsourcing technology, features, future enhancements, and more.

FM Post-Season Guide

Learn how you can immediately eliminate unnecessary expenses on the properties you service or manage this post snow season.

iVueit Explained in 20 Minutes

Tune into iVueit Explained 1.0 for a brief explanation of how iVueit is used on the world’s largest brands to drive quality control & compliance.

Portal Walkthroughs
See Any Site in 24 Hours

How to use crowdsourced data to gather photo & survey data at any property nationwide in less than 24 hours.

Client Portal Demo

See an insiders view of the client portal that simplifies and organizes a timeline of photo & survey data at the properties you manage or service.

Vue Completion Start to Finish

See how the iVueit platform and mobile app works from the moment a nearby Vuer accepts a Vue to when a client receives the data in their client portal.

Features & Vue Types
Measurement Vues

Measurement Vues make it possible to get instant measurements on residential and commercial properties with premier accuracy and precision.

Retail Vues for CPG Professionals

Tune into this pre-recorded event to learn how CPG & C-Store professionals are gathering rapid actionable feedback from the customers POV.

Internal Vues

Listen to our CEO talk about the one two punch when it comes to using iVueit’s on-demand workforce as well as your own internal team

Monitor Your Sites Remotely

Learn how the world’s largest brands are leveraging the gig economy to monitor their nationwide portfolios remotely

Case Studies
Map View Visual Case Study

Watch a real-life case study showcase the progression of a project completed by our Vuer Network. In 24 hours, 99% of our client’s portfolio data was back in their hands.

Disaster Recovery

This project determined the  scale of damage left behind from Hurricane Michael on over 30,000 residential and commercial properties in Albany, GA.

FM Game Changer with CGP

CEO, Mike Popadak, joins CGP Maintenance to discuss industry trends when it comes to leveraging the gig economy for on-demand site audits.

Remote [Vue]ing – 614 Startups

Remote Vueing with iVueit CEO Mike Popadak Hosted by 614 Startups Founder Elio Harmon. iVueit provides on-demand visual verification photos/data.

IN SFR Spotlight
IN SFR Spotlight

iVueit is helping SFR owners and property managers – listen in for how they could be helping you. During this conversation, we learn who they are, what distinguishes them from other inspection companies and their work beyond the SFR vertical.

Quarterly Recap Video
iVueit Platform & Mobile App Evolution

Discover iVueit’s development and evolution from 2015 to 2023. Here’s to celebrating the milestones achieved and never losing sight of the vision.

iVueit 2023 Year in Review

From innovative solutions to client projects, this video encapsulates the essence of iVueit’s journey in 2023. Reflect on an unforgettable year with us.

Quarter 3 Recap 2022

Recap of client projects, company milestones, youth sponsorships and more. Check out iVueit’s #302 ranking in Inc. 5000 and #3 in all of Ohio.

iVueit 2021 Year In Review

See what we were up to in 2021. Learn about company milestones and the people behind iVueit that make every day so special. Thanks for another great year.

Quarter 3 Recap 2021

Quick recap of some projects completed in quarter 3. See case studies about 7-eleven, Dollar General, T-Mobile, Miami Dade County, and more.

In This Together

Listen to messages from iVueit’s employees and Vuers to clients during the pandemic. We are all in this together.

RFMA 2024 Recap
RFMA 2024 Recap

Tag along with our team as we travel to RFMA 2024 Conference in Washington D.C. RFMA is one of the biggest shows for restaurant facilities professionals. From coast-to-coast, attendees gather to expand their network, enhance their facilities knowledge and find the solution.

CONNEX 2022 Recap

From sponsoring the charity event, to hosting an 80’s party, to taking clients to a MLB game, Connex 2022 was nothing short of a jam packed conference.