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iVueit Launches Background Check Vues: Enhancing Safety and Trust in Site Visits & Property Inspections

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In a world where safety and trust are top priority, iVueit is proud to announce the launch of Background Check Vues, a sought out feature that revolutionizes on site security & trust with third-party vendors. By tapping into iVueit’s exclusive network of background-checked Vuers, clients can gather insights with confidence in high-risk areas, transforming safety protocols and fostering trust in the Vuer Network.

Empowering Clients with Enhanced Security

In response to the escalating demand for Vues requiring access to higher security areas at commercial and residential properties, iVueit introduced Background Check Vues in 2023. These checks offer clients added security and peace of mind by ensuring a basic criminal history clearance for participating Vuers. Activating the background check feature is seamless for clients, with only a small added fee required when creating new Vues. Once cleared, Vuers gain access to a wider range of Vues that necessitate this additional security measure, showcasing their vetted status with a distinct green checkmark on their profiles.

Expanded Scope of Vues

Background Check Vues open doors to a variety of high-security areas, including interior residential lockbox access, interior/exterior occupancy checks, interior/exterior dark store audits, monitoring high-security areas, and more.

  1. Interior Lockbox Access: Vetted Vuers can safely access interior lockboxes to capture photos and answer survey questions, ensuring the security of assets and recorded documentation of who visited the property. Vuers are sent unique codes to gain access to lockboxes.
  2. Interior/Exterior Occupancy Checks: Clients can rely on background-checked Vuers to conduct occupancy checks inside and outside premises, providing essential photos and data on residency status, security compliance, and property conditions.
  3. Interior/Exterior Dark Store Audits:  Vuers perform detailed audits of dark or temporarily closed stores, collecting valuable data on store conditions, potential hazards, merchandise displays, and security measures without disturbing operations or compromising safety.
  4. Monitoring High-Security Areas: With clearance from background checks, Vuers can monitor high-security zones such as residential properties or corporate facilities, capturing photos and survey data to ensure compliance with security protocols.

Peer Review Evaluations

Upon successful clearance of a Vuer’s background check, iVueit’s internal team conducts a thorough peer review to assess the Vuer’s eligibility for admission into the selective network. Once approved, the Vuer gains access to all Background Check Vues available on the map, ensuring rigorous standards of safety and professionalism. In a recent study in March 2024, it was declared that 50% of all Vues completed with the iVueit app are completed by a background checked Vuer.

Nationwide Coverage and Growing Network

Similar to the broader Vuer Network, this exclusive group of background-checked Vuers operates nationwide and is continuously expanding. With the capability to conduct high-security Vues at any residential or commercial property, clients can rest assured knowing that their properties are in safe and reliable hands.

With the launch of Background Check Vues, iVueit reaffirms its commitment to innovation and safety in field operations. By integrating enhanced security measures into our platform, we empower clients to gather critical insights with confidence, setting new standards of trust and reliability in the retail and property management industries. To request Background Check Vues, contact our team at or request a demo online.