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Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Manage Facility Condition

Our society creates and collects data at an astounding rate. Businesses and individuals use data to drive decision-making and eliminate the guesswork. In the facility management industry, data tracks and measures spending, waste, asset utilization, and many other KPIs. Fortunately, facility managers have access to a robust toolbox to help them compile and interpret the vast amount of data and optimize best practices for day-to-day operations.

In particular, the iVueit app is one of the easiest and most cost-effective tools available to quickly assess and analyze facility condition benchmarks. Using visual verification technology, iVueit enables facility managers to get eyes on any property, anywhere in the country, within 24 hours or less. It’s simple to make a request and let the app do the rest using an on-demand workforce of mobile app users who are dedicated to high-quality site audits and data collection.

But speed and simplicity aren’t the only benefits.

Leveraging iVueit for Data-Driven Decisions
1. Visibility and Transparency

It’s hard to plan and budget for what you don’t see. With photos and site audit data, you can be proactive, prioritize, and spend wisely. All data is time-stamped and geo coded so there is no question as to when and where it was collected. The app will also generate and send alerts for areas requiring your immediate attention.

2. Insightful Reports

Whether a custom survey or standard questions regarding site conditions, every survey tells a unique story to help you better understand your portfolio. All reports are stored in one central hub and can be exported with ease.

3. Compliance

All facilities have standards of compliance to uphold from contractual, ethical, and operational to financial and regulatory. iVueit provides instant proof-of-service, verification of SLA compliance, project tracking, brand compliance, and more.

4. Team Collaboration

With the iVueit platform you can create, exchange, and organize proposals, work orders, photos, videos, and other project documents all in one place from the palm of your hand. Capturing milestones in real time helps with accountability and on-time delivery.

5. Integration

iVueit can integrate with any client system as well as best-in-class industry reporting tools, effectively combining all your important business data.

There’s no question data can improve facility management. And while there are many tools available, iVueit can help you embrace, interpret, and act upon facility condition data without a significant cost or time investment. Start making data-driven decisions today. Sign up, make a request, and let the app do the rest!