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Vuer Wisdom from the Experts | iVueit


Make Money Taking Photos

The iVueit app has been helping people make extra cash for the past two years. Unlike other money making apps, we make earning easy. No points or reward programs here. With iVueit, you can earn cash for the photos you take and successfully upload. The process of completing a Vue is simple. Accept a Vue in your area, review the specifications, snap the photos, take a survey, get paid. The photos you take as a Vuer are sent to our clients such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Chase Bank, and many others, in order to access instant and real time information of their properties. It is important to always read all directions and special requests prior to completing a Vue. If you ever come into an issue, one of our staff members will gladly assist you through the app.

Work When You Want

The iVueit app pays you for completing jobs in your local area. You have the freedom to choose which Vues to pick up and when to complete them. Keep in mind the timeframe of when a Vue needs completed and work within the range. Some Vues require to be completed during the night time so be alert to these specifications. The iVueit app will notify you when Vues near you become available or you can search surrounding areas. Either way, you set your own pace by deciding which and how many Vues you wish to complete. Turn on push notifications to ensure you see the Vues as they come. Check out the FAQ’s page in the app to learn more about the process behind completing a Vue.

No Photography Skills Required

Even those who say they don’t like taking pictures can’t deny that if it pays, it’s worth it. Have a smartphone and a decent eye for taking photos? Say no more. That is all you need to make money with iVueit. Read all the directions and follow the requirements of each Vue, keep your pictures in focus and you are good to go. That’s what we like to call an easy pay day.

Get Paid Fast

Unless you enjoy helping facilities management just for the fun of it, you will need either a Paypay® or Chase QuickPay® account to get paid. The more demanding the project, the more it pays. The iVueit wallet makes it easy for you to release the cash you build up when you want it. This transfer can be done at the click of a button. When you choose to redeem your payments they are immediately distributed to the chosen account. If you choose to keep the money in your Vuer Wallet to add up, that is okay too. Upon approval of the Vue, your Wallet will be rewarded in less than 24 hours.