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Beyond Checklists, Checkout Your Facilities This Winter

This winter, instantly enhance and expand your visibility on all the properties you manage for less than $50 per site. At iVueit, we provide a winter facility solution so you can make informed decisions before, during, and after extreme winter conditions.

Plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfall can wreak havoc on your commercial facilities causing property damage and, in some cases, workplace injury.

And, virtually all regions are at risk. If you find yourself in a consistent heat zone, for example, you may still experience unusual winter activity. When the unexpected occurs, your facilities could suffer more because they are not properly equipped for harsh winter conditions.

So, what can you do? Following checklists to prepare your facilities is a good start, but this must be coupled with routine inspections throughout the season. With the iVueit app, you can check out all your sites from the comfort of your home or office. Real-time photos and survey data help you make better decisions before during, and after extreme winter conditions.

The iVueit App Provides Relief From All Your Winter Woes With the Following Solutions


Schedule annual pre-snow walkthrough during the months of September and October

  • On-site Vuer performs an inspection to indicate areas of damage on an aerial map for any given property
  • Vuers mark area on a map where snow should be pushed and where excess snow should be stacked that is easily accessible to share internally and with contractors
  • Geo-stamped photo verification answers the following questions
    • Are all storm drains free of debris?
    • Is the retention pond gate locked and secure?
    • Do the irrigation systems pose possible trip hazards?
    • Are there low hanging branches that need trimming?
    • Are there branches hanging over the roof/gutter?
    • Has a Fall Cleanup been completed?
    • Is your landscape free of excess brush or weeds?


  • Request on-demand Vues during and after a snow event to verify proof-of-service and proper workmanship in accordance with the snow map
  • Verify proper site staking and any damage that may occur during snow removal
  • Vuer completes site assessments to verify the safety protocols such as:
    • Interior mat replacement
    • Rock and salt use and extra stock
    • Potential trip hazards
    • Damage to landscape, asphalt, and sidewalks

“It’s never been easier to hold our contractors accountable. The iVueit platform has significantly enhanced our relationship with our contractors and allowed for us to have full transparency on our dispersed properties all year long.”


  • On-site Vuer assesses property damage by taking photo verification of:
    • Potholes
    • Failed catch basins
    • Cracks and corrosion
    • Landscape
    • Cart Corals
  • Hold contractors responsible for damage
  • Prepare for next season

The Gift that Keeps Giving

This winter, instantly enhance and expand your visibility on all the properties you manage. When you (or your contractors) adopt our system, it is easy to access real-time photos and data throughout the season to better manage your properties and hold workers accountable.

iVueit is your all-encompassing solution for winter facility management. And it’s accessible to anyone for less than $50 per site. What are you waiting for? Get the best gift this season. Learn more or request a free demo here.