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Must-Have Digital Site Assessment to Instantly Improve CRM

Customer relationships are best managed in-person use iVueit technology to maintain your sites for a positive in-store experience         

It’s no secret that people are increasingly buying and experiencing your brand online. And while many platforms exist to analyze customer behavior and help you adapt to changing needs in that space, it may not be as easy to accomplish in store, especially with restrictions on your ability to travel and visit the locations in your portfolio.

Yet, brick-and-mortar is not going away. It is evolving. More people are heading to stores, restaurants, and other properties for pick up, returns, or simply for diversion from the lockdown. This is the critical moment when your brand comes face-to-face with your customers and an authentic relationship begins. With so many new health and safety guidelines, however, the ability to provide a pleasing experience, manage customer concerns, and deliver satisfaction is tough.


iVueit makes it easier. With our app, it is possible to see properties without leaving your home or office. Our digital site assessments provide real-time photos (i.e. ‘Vues’) and condition reports, collected by independent local consumers (i.e. Vuers), to help you maintain safe and inviting facilities and improve customer relationships. Moreover, it costs significantly less than traditional site audits.


On the outside, iVueit can show whether your properties have clearly marked wayfinding signage, well-manicured landscaping, ample lighting, and a flawless façade. On the inside, iVueit can reveal if social distancing signs, markers, and other measures are in place and easily visible; pathways and aisles are clean and clear; bathroom facilities are well-maintained; and the property is well lit.


The online world moves on demand. iVueit helps your physical brand act quickly too. When you request photos or condition reports, you’ll receive data the same day—sometimes within minutes. This enables you to take action now as well as plan for what’s ahead.

For example, September and October are the ideal months to schedule pre-snow walkthroughs. First, our on-site Vuer performs an inspection and indicates areas of damage on an aerial map of the property.  Next, he or she can markup areas for snow removal and where to deposit excess snow. Once complete, the map can be shared internally and with contractors. After a snowfall, for example, it’s easy to request a Vue to verify proof-of-service and proper workmanship in accordance with the map.

Insights from online and in-store are critical to better relate to your customers, provide what they need, and deliver on expectations. From standard criteria to custom-tailored Vues, no other site assessment tool can do what iVueit can as quickly or economically. But, don’t just take our word for it—we invite you to see for yourself. Schedule a demo today!