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A Better In-Store Pickup Experience Starts Here

The iVueit app guarantees best practice for facility management professionals. Prepare and maintain your properties to guarantee a safe and convenient pickup experience at all the properties you manage. Instantly monitor and track all your facility's needs with the Vuer Network.
In-store pickup

Buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS) has been around for a while. Recently, however, the pandemic heightened the need for this practice and increased its preference among consumers. In response, more industries are offering BOPIS as a fulfillment/checkout option. But the results are mixed. Many organizations still struggle to provide a safe and convenient pickup experience.

While technology and people play an essential role, brick-and-mortar locations must be able to facilitate the process, too. Whether curbside parking, designated areas indoors, or both, a lot goes into preparing and maintaining properties for pickup service.

The iVueit app can help you do it with ease! Our digital technology enables you to see your physical sites and access condition reports without leaving your home or office. It’s known as a ‘Vue,’ and it consists of a combination of photos, site surveys, or custom data for any location in the country. Make your ‘Vue’ request and you’ll receive information the same day—sometimes within minutes. Plus, it costs significantly less than a traditional site audit.

Here’s how you can use iVueit specifically to improve your pickup program.

In-Store Insights:

  1. During the planning phase, request photos of store layout to determine best location(s) for designated pickup.
  2. Monitor and track progress of contractors during construction of interior pickup/service areas.
  3. Verify workmanship, i.e., confirm all design specifications are met and ample directional signage is clearly visible.
  4. Routine audits to ensure that signage is intact and that pickup service areas are well lit, clean, and properly staffed by store associates.

Curbside Control:

  1. During the planning phase, request photos of the parking lot to review traffic patterns and determine best location for banks of curbside parking.
  2. Monitor and track progress of workers during install of curbside parking stalls/structures, signs, markings, and other wayfinding signage.
  3. Verify workmanship and adherence to project scope for each location.
  4. Routine audits to assess the condition of the parking lot—especially banks of curbside parking, loading and unloading zones, and pull-away lanes—as well as wayfinding signage.

These days, in-store pickup is essential. The success of your pickup program depends—in part—on the design, layout, and maintenance of your brick-and-mortar facilities. iVueit can help you get eyes on your sites so you can start improving the experience today. Schedule a demo and see for yourself!