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iVueit 2023 Year in Review

2023 Year In Review

2023 unfolded as a year of record breaking growth for iVueit, marked by new product launches, exciting client partnerships, community development initiatives, and millions of jobs provided for Vuers across the country.

“Exploring new areas where iVueit’s solution is needed has become routine for our team,” said Co-founder and COO, Matt Lyons.

Last year saw significant growth in the types of Vues completed by the Vuer Network. In recognition of the commitment and drive in 2023, here are key highlights that the iVueit team and community take immense pride in. Read until the end for for a sneak peek into what’s coming in 2024 for iVueit’s clients and Vuers!

Product Launches That Elevated the Industry Standard

iVueit has never followed the status quo of how to get the job done.

“Our strategy for innovation has always been to identify the problems being faced and to build technology that simplifies how to solve them,” said Co-founder and CEO, Mike Popadak.

“When you have an always expanding mobile workforce of Vuers, you have the power to really expedite execution, and at a very affordable price.” Check out the list of product launches that changed the game for iVueit’s clients and Vuer Network in 2023 ⤵

In-App Measurements

In February 2023, iVueit introduced Measurement Vues to its app, offering a game-changing feature for clients. This key feature addition enables precise on-site measurements by Vuers in the field, empowering property and facility managers with instant, accurate data. From assessing hazards like potholes to measuring windows, doors, parking spaces, and more, this enhancement streamlines decision-making processes, saving time and resources for clients managing multi-site portfolios.

iVueit app Measurement Vue launched February 2023

Background Checks

In response to increased demand for Vues needing access to higher security areas at commercial & residential properties, iVueit launched background checks in 2023. These checks provide clients with added security and trust by ensuring a basic criminal history clearance for Vuers accessing these Vues. Once cleared, Vuers gain access to a broader range of Vues requiring this check, showcasing their vetted status with a green checkmark on their profiles. This optional process not only enhances client confidence but also expands earning opportunities for the Vuer Network.

Example: Approved background checked Vuer profile

Referral Vues

iVueit introduced Referral Vues to the Vuer Network in October, a new feature allowing Vuers to earn $3 for every completed Vue using their unique referral code. These Vues, usually in areas with limited Vuers, expedite Vue completion while enabling friends and family to earn. Vuers can access Referral Vues marked by a royal blue dot on the map, send invites easily, and earn unlimited cash bonuses per completed Vue. The feature supports prompt completion of open Vues (even in the most remote areas of the country) and additional earning opportunities within iVueit’s Vuer Network.

Referral Vues offer Vuers a new way to earn with the app

Vue it Forward Give Back Initiatives & Community Support

In 2023, iVueit remained committed to its foundational mission to uplift communities on a nationwide scale. Last year this included additional income opportunities for the Vuer Network and extending support to youth sports and charities. These initiatives underscored iVueit’s broader mission to foster innovation across all facets of business.

Youth Sports Sponsorships

Childhood experiences leave lasting impressions. Sports, in particular, play a significant role in shaping character and values, instilling lessons of resilience, discipline, teamwork, community, and life skills that remain integral to who we are. iVueit’s commitment to giving back through the Vue It Forward program is exemplified in various impactful initiatives. Employees are empowered to allocate sponsorships to youth sport teams or athletes of their choice annually, extending this opportunity to clients as giveaways during tradeshows and upon completing a new pilot. In 2023, iVueit sponsored $60K in youth scholarships and sponsorships.

iVueit donated $60K+ to youth sports, charities, and sponsorships in 2023

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: iVueit’s Commitment to Student Engagement and Internship Programs

In 2023, iVueit proudly marked the completion of its 3rd-year internship program, welcoming students from esteemed local institutions like Ohio University, Ohio State University, Otterbein University, Miami University and out-of-state colleges like Ole Miss. iVueit’s annual summer internships and project work partnerships provided students with invaluable hands-on experience with a fast paced growing company. Through Vue It Forward, clients were empowered to support student causes close to their hearts, including donating to their alma mater or other student organizations.

iVueit team met with Miami of Ohio PSE Business Fraternity to launch student work program

Building a Sustainable Future With iVueit

iVueit plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable future for its clients by significantly reducing carbon footprints and travel-related emissions. Through its on-demand property monitoring solutions, iVueit enables those who manage dispersed portfolios to quickly assess property conditions remotely, minimizing the need for frequent physical inspections. This reduction in travel not only cuts down on carbon emissions but also promotes more sustainable property management practices.

iVueit helped their clients significantly reduce miles traveled by field teams


Moreover, iVueit’s platform verifies the efficient resolution of work orders, streamlining maintenance processes and minimizing the need for multiple site visits. This optimized resource usage not only identifies issues promptly but also addresses them before they escalate, fostering a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to property oversight.

Looking Ahead: iVueit’s Vision for 2024 and Beyond

A Message From the Co-Founders of iVueit:

Brace yourselves for a game-changing product launch, set to transform the journey for iVueit’s clients in 2024. This year our clients will migrate to a brand new portal designed meticulously to redefine the way you interact with our platform. Picture this: enhanced autonomy at your fingertips, enabling swift and seamless self-service for Vue requests, empowering you to achieve more in less time. Enjoy self serve Vues, enhanced exports, magic photo editing, smart analytics and more.

Thank you for being a part of this journey as we continue to elevate industry standards and amplify our client’s impact with iVueit.

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