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The iVueit Platform & Mobile App Launches Measurement Technology

iVueit measurement technology

On-demand data collection has never been more simplified and accessible than it is today. iVueit’s platform & mobile app makes it easy to gather the photo & survey information property & facility managers need to make informed decisions, and now they can leverage the Vuer network to collect measurements too. 

iVueit is proud to introduce Measurement Vues to the arsenal of inspection capabilities performed by their Vuers. Measurement Vues make it possible to get instant measurements on residential and commercial properties with premier accuracy and precision. Read on to find out more about this revolutionary technology and how it can help those who manage multi-site portfolios streamline their facilities management processes. 


This feature opens the door of opportunities for additional data points to be collected while Vuers are on site. For example, while a Vuer is capturing photos of pavement conditions, they will also seek to find damage and potential hazards like a pothole. The Vuer can collect proof of the pothole with geo-mapped, and time-stamped data points, and also provide the exact width and length of the hole. So now, the facility manager can have all the information needed to create a work order without having to send an internal member on site to verify.

Here are a few other examples of how this technology may be used:

  • The distance from an obstruction to a potential ATM site
  • The length of a menu-board that needs replaced
  • The height of a window for store-front signage

iVueit’s technology makes risk mitigation a priority while saving facility managers time, resources and expenses. 


iVueit’s measurement technology doesn’t stop at potholes. The smart feature is capable of measuring an array of assets most crucial to commercial & residential portfolios including but not limited to:

  • Letter-sets
  • Windows
  • Curb-stops
  • Interior Shelves
  • Interior/exterior Doors
  • Walls 
  • Parking Spaces
  • Potholes
  • Residential interiors

To try out iVueit’s new feature on your properties & assets, contact iVueit at or request a free pilot on your sites today.