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As Layoffs Surge Due to Cost-Cutting Measures, iVueit’s Vuer Network Has Emerged as a Solution For Businesses That Have Reduced Their Field Workforce

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How To Increase Field Workforce Amidst Major Layoffs (Without Burdening The Budget)

As inflation and interest rates rise and economic activity declines, many are preparing for a recession. Many major corporations have been forced to implement significant layoffs in an effort to reduce costs and maintain profitability. According to recent statistics, over 1.5 million workers were laid off in February of 2023, with some sectors experiencing higher levels of job loss than others.

iVueit Platform Helps Businesses Reduce Costs and Maintain Asset Oversight Through Independent Contractors

One solution that has emerged amidst these layoffs is iVueit’s Vuer Network, which can serve as “eyes on site” for businesses that have had to reduce their field workforce. The Vuer Network is a platform that connects businesses with a network of independent contractors who can provide on-site photos, measurements, and survey reports of residential & commercial facility conditions and equipment. This can help businesses to maintain a level of oversight and ensure that their assets are being properly maintained, even if they have had to reduce their field staff.

With the high number of layoffs that have occurred in sectors such as retail, business services, trade, and construction, iVueit’s Vuer Network has become an increasingly valuable resource for businesses that need to keep an eye on their physical assets. The platform allows businesses to quickly and easily dispatch Vuers (independent contractors) to specific locations, and to receive real-time updates and reports on the condition of their facilities.

iVueit’s Vuer Network Creates New Job Opportunities During Economic Uncertainty

Not only does this help businesses to maintain their assets, but it also provides opportunities for independent contractors to earn income during a time of economic uncertainty. By connecting businesses with a network of qualified and reliable Vuers, iVueit is helping to create new job opportunities and support the gig economy.

In conclusion, iVueit’s Vuer Network is a valuable solution for businesses that have had to reduce their field workforce due to layoffs. By providing “eyes on site” through a network of independent contractors, the platform allows businesses to maintain oversight and ensure that their assets are being properly maintained. This not only benefits businesses, but also creates new job opportunities for independent contractors during a time of economic uncertainty.

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