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Transforming Municipal Safety: iVueit’s Solution for Squatters in Vacant Homes

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 iVueit’s Game-Changing Approach to Squatter Prevention in Vacant Properties

Imagine a scenario where identifying every vacant property within your county, filled with squatters, becomes a reality in just a matter of days. iVueit’s technology powered by people makes this vision possible. Not only can our on-demand workforce of Vuers help you detect and address squatter-related concerns promptly, but we’ll even leave the eviction notice at the door. Our mission is to empower municipalities to safeguard vacant homes effectively and in a timely manner. Here’s why iVueit stands out as the ultimate solution:

Real-Time Insights and Local Involvement:
  • By leveraging iVueit’s Vuer Network, municipalities gain access to real-time insights on vacant properties filled with squatters
  • The best part? Our platform involves local individuals from your community who earn supplemental income for each completed job. It’s a win-win situation that fosters community engagement and participation
Preferred Vuers in Your Local Area:
  • Our extensive network of Preferred Vuers is already present in your city or town
  • These trusted professionals complete 90% of the surveys, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the properties in question
Expert Quality Control:
  • To maintain the highest standards, our expert quality control team reviews the data gathered by Vuers
  • They meticulously examine each report, looking for evidence of squatters, and promptly flag any sites requiring immediate attention
Real-Time Photos and On-Demand Reports:
  • iVueit enables you to receive real-time photos and on-demand property condition reports for 1-100K+ residential properties
  • Whether the properties are located in remote areas or densely populated neighborhoods, we deliver results within 24 hours or less on average


Put iVueit to the test. Get eyes on your first 10 sites free by contacting us at or request a demo here. Together, let’s revolutionize your municipality’s approach to detecting and addressing squatters in vacant homes.