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Facilities Professionals are Retiring…and that’s OKAY

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Many facilities managers are approaching retirement, leaving companies scrambling to replace the position or divide the work amongst current employees. The average age of facilities managers is 50 years old and the current system makes it difficult to transition when one retires. Usually, the facility manager gains all the knowledge of the facility through his or her experience. Important information that can easily be lost when a manger retires includes:

  • current compliance issues
  • current conditions across entire portfolio
  • timeline/history of maintenance performed at specific locations

All of this valuable information will be lost, if it isn’t documented before the manager retires. Thankfully, FM software has the power to hold all of this information, and then some.

Thankfully, iVueit, the #1 on-demand visual verification platform in the United States, can solve this issue by creating a better system for storing facility information. Here’s how:

1. Faster and More Comprehensive Data Transfer

Cohesive data management systems like iVueit’s offer everything you need to know – all in one place. There’s no reason why one employee should be holding all the information about your facility. Things happen! Relying on one person to hold this information is too risky in case of their absence. With FM software, data can be accessed by everyone at any time. Not to mention, it makes it easier for new team members to find the information they need quickly.

2. It’s a More Efficient System

As facilities managers are retiring, their responsibilities are often spread out amongst existing employees due to budget constraints or recruitment difficulties. This reduces their productivity on the job they were actually hired to do.

FM software has the power to streamline or even automate time-consuming tasks, giving your team time back to their days to focus on more important responsibilities. Here are just a few ways iVueit‘s software can bring efficiencies to your team:

  • Expand and enhance the number of boots on the ground
  • Hold vendors/contractors accountable for SLA
  • Retrieve and consolidate photo and survey data on entire portfolios within 24 hours and possibly at NO cost to you.
  • Drive compliance and strengthen the vendor relationship
  • Standardize your FM process

3. Attracts New FM Professionals

What FM Professional would say no to a job that all of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks are eliminated? New FM Professionals are coming from a younger, tech-savvy generation, and don’t want to be bothered with an out-dated system.

Implementing FM software meets the new FM Professionals expectations of employers and increases your chance of recruiting them. It shows that your company adapts to the ever-changing industry which allows them to feel confident that their skills will always be up-to-date. FM software will put your team in the position to take advantage of these tech-minded professionals who can leverage these innovations and take your facilities management to the next level.

Read the original post by Jenna Corrao on Linkedin