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Managing Snowstorm Challenges: iVueit’s On-Demand Verification Solutions

Woman taking a photo on her smartphone of a snowy parking lot

Snowstorms pose significant challenges for facility managers, requiring meticulous oversight to ensure the safety, functionality, and accessibility of properties within their portfolio. When such weather events hit, it becomes crucial to verify various critical aspects across multiple locations promptly. This is where iVueit steps in as an invaluable asset.

Verifying Property Conditions During a Snowstorm

iVueit serves as a key ally to facility managers by providing an extra set of unbiased boots on the ground. Our platform enables timely and comprehensive verification of property conditions before, during, and after a snowstorm. Here’s how iVueit can assist:

  1. Real-Time Visual Insights: Through our network of on-demand Vuers, iVueit facilitates rapid property assessments by capturing real-time photos. Vuers can be deployed at flexible hours, allowing for immediate visual verification of pre storm prep, snow removal, safety hazards, and property damages.

  2. Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting: Facility managers can remotely monitor property conditions through geo mapped and time/date stamped photos captured by Vuers. This aids in identifying issues faster, such as snow piles blocking ADA parking spaces, icy pathways, structural damage, or other potential hazards.

  3. Comprehensive & Unbiased Documentation: iVueit’s platform documents and catalogs photo conditions and survey responses of property conditions before, during and after the snowstorm (from the customer’s POV). These records serve as proof of documentation for insurance claims and future reference. Once a Vue is submitted, iVueit’s quality control team reviews and escalates any issues captured by the Vuer Network.

  4. Improved Communication and Decision-Making: The visual data provided by iVueit empowers facility managers to make informed decisions promptly. It enhances communication with maintenance crews and stakeholders by offering clear, real-time insights into property conditions.

  5. Manage Property Data in One Central Portal: The iVueit platform offers a centralized portal housing all property data, enabling clients to monitor statuses, access and export visual reports, and seamlessly integrate with their systems through our open REST API, facilitating efficient data sharing and informed decision-making.

How iVueit Adds Value For Both Contractors & Retailers

During snowstorms, having a reliable partner like iVueit can make a substantial difference in property management. Our platform offers:

  • Rapid Response: On-demand Vuers are available to capture images at any hour, ensuring timely verification of property conditions regardless of the location.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: iVueit offers cost-effective services in comparison to maintaining a dedicated team to travel for visual inspections. Our proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also captures indisputable evidence, safeguarding against potential claims.

  • Risk Mitigation: By swiftly identifying issues form an unbiased perspective, iVueit helps mitigate risks associated with property damage, safety hazards, and operational disruptions during snowstorms.

  • Transparent Communication: Foster strong client-vendor relationships by providing transparent proof of service and confirming adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), maintaining clarity and trust throughout the process.

To put it simply, iVueit gives facility managers peace of mind, providing visual verification and comprehensive documentation of property conditions before, during, and after snowstorms. With our platform, property managers gain an extra layer of assurance, enabling proactive decision-making and efficient property management during challenging weather events.

Elevate your snowstorm property management with iVueit! Request Snow Vues today for efficient property verification, proactive risk mitigation, and seamless data handling. Ensure compliance and transparent communication. Get started now by visiting our website at or messaging our team at