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The Winter Readiness Report: Insights from iVueit’s Nationwide Survey

winter readiness report
The Winter Readiness Report: Insights from iVueit’s Nationwide Survey

In a recent nationwide random sample conducted by iVueit across 1000 sites, a compelling contrast emerged between the upkeep and winter readiness of properties monitored by iVueit’s Vuer network versus those left uninspected. The findings underscored a remarkable disparity, showcasing the tangible benefits of regular compliance checks in ensuring property maintenance and compliance.

Insights from the Sample:

The analysis revealed a significant difference in the condition of sites subject to iVueit’s routine Vues compared to those without such oversight. As winter approaches, the importance of meticulous property preparation becomes paramount. Well-prepped sites, with illuminated surroundings, ready snow stakes, cleared leaves, well-maintained parking lots, and more, were notably prevalent among iVueit-inspected properties.

Empowering Decision-Making:

Proactive visibility across properties empowers clients to make informed, actionable decisions that enforce quality control and compliance. As we approach winter and not to mention the busiest shopping season of the year, ensuring sites are adequately prepared becomes crucial. This information not only fosters vendor accountability but also drives transparency, enabling prioritization of work orders based on real-time data. Above all else, maintains a safe environment for customers & employees. 

iVueit’s Solution:

Even if your sites have not been inspected by the Vuer Network, iVueit offers an on-demand solution. Within a single day, our team can perform comprehensive surveys, providing you with photos and crucial data across all your sites by the following week. Identifying immediate attention areas, our team even escalates necessary actions, allowing you to focus on addressing the most critical properties promptly.

The Impact:

Post-sampling, it was evident that 89% of sites that had a proactive plan in place from iVueit’s routine and on-demand inspections had fall cleanups completed and were well-prepared for winter. In contrast, only 38% of non-iVueit serviced sites demonstrated good conditions. This discrepancy highlights the potential risks, lack of quality control, and hazards present on nearly 60% of uninspected properties.


iVueit’s comprehensive surveying not only ensures property readiness but also mitigates risks, enhances quality control, and streamlines the management of diverse properties. As winter looms, the importance of proactive inspections cannot be overstated. Let iVueit empower you with actionable insights to fortify your properties for the challenges ahead.

Request fall cleanup Vues at one site or across your entire portfolio, and start receiving on site insights the same day. Contact our team at to request  fast, accurate, and affordable property inspections.