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6 Ways to Prepare For Daylight Savings Ending


As we prepare to transition into the colder months, peace of mind becomes increasingly crucial. With iVueit’s cost-effective solution, you can ensure your properties are well-prepared for the end of daylight savings, equipped to combat theft and vandalism, and optimized for customer safety. Compliance, maintenance, and risk mitigation are no longer costly or complex concerns.

With iVueit, you gain the assurance that your properties are well-maintained, secure, and ready to face the seasonal challenges ahead. So, as the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, take advantage of this affordable peace of mind that iVueit brings to the table, safeguarding your investments and ensuring a safer, more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Security Assessment

On-demand site inspections allow contractors and retailers to assess the security of their properties as daylight hours decrease. The Vuer Network can evaluate the lighting, surveillance systems, and overall security measures in place. If there are deficiencies in the lighting, such as burnt-out bulbs or malfunctioning fixtures, these can be identified and addressed promptly. Adequate lighting is a crucial deterrent to theft and vandalism as it improves visibility and reduces hiding spots for potential wrongdoers.

Safety Evaluation

Identify potential risks or damages in parking lots, walkways and the general safety of the environment. Any cracks, potholes, or other hazards across your entire portfolio can be captured by the Vuer Network. Our in house quality control team will escalate and properties that need a prioritized work order to prevent accidents and injuries in the future. Take advantage of iVueit’s geo-mapped and time-stamped data that showcases exactly where the hazard is and acts as historical proof of conditions in case of future claims.

Vandalism Prevention

The end of daylight savings time often brings increased incidents of vandalism, especially in poorly lit areas. iVueit’s on-demand inspections can help identify vulnerable spots that are prone to vandalism. Retailers can take steps to fortify these areas, such as adding security cameras, motion-activated lighting, or additional physical barriers. Inspections can also help in the early detection of any graffiti or damage to the property, allowing for quick cleanup and repairs.

Compliance Verification

Once issues have been identified, assuring the damage has been repaired is crucial for potential future claims. Real-time property photos can also help ensure properties within your portfolio remain compliant with local regulations and codes, especially those related to safety and security. The Vuer Network can check if emergency exits are clear, fire suppression systems are operational, and accessibility requirements are met. This not only reduces the risk of legal issues and fines but also enhances the overall safety of the property for employees and customers.

Property Maintenance Optimization

Identify and address maintenance needs promptly with crowdsourced technology. This proactive approach can help extend the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs. Regular maintenance no only enhances the overall curb appeal, but also contributed to a more pleasant customer experience.

Risk Mitigation

Beyond security, safety, and vandalism concerns, on-demand inspections can help identify and mitigate other risks. For instance, Vuers can assess potential hazards related to weather conditions, such as loose roofing materials or drainage issues that could lead to flooding. By addressing these risks promptly, contractors and retailers can minimize property damage and potential business interruptions.

In a world where security, safety, and property maintenance are paramount, the advantages of on-demand site inspections are crystal clear. However, the real game-changer here is the convenience and affordability offered by platforms like iVueit. With the capability to collect all of this invaluable information in just one visit, and at a price as low as $25 per site, iVueit is redefining the way retailers & contractors approach the challenges of the fall and winter seasons.

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