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Facility Management Mid-Winter Checklist

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Winter preparation is one of the most crucial responsibilities for Facilities Management professionals. The cold weather and winter storms are unpredictable, which is why it is good to be reminded of best practices that keep your properties safe and inviting when harsh winter weather strikes.

Thankfully, a little snow and ice isn’t going to keep customers from coming into your building, but that does mean you need to be extra prepared for all the winter elements being tracked indoors. We made a quick checklist that will help you hold your teams accountable, maintain hazard free environments, and provide a safe experience for your customers & employees.


  • Snow & ice removal
  • Service verification
  • Overall conditions (cracks, potholes, staking)
  • Stable and clear paths and gutters
  • Outdoor mats in place
  • Adequate lighting during dark hours


  • Indoor entrance mats
  • High traffic floor mats
  • Readily available caution signs
  • Stocked supply inventory
  • Small air blowers to keep floor surfaces dry

It’s time to re-evaluate existing winter preparation/maintenance programs and processes. Be sure your stakeholders are properly trained and your plans have been tested in case of an emergency. iVueit can help you conduct scheduled, on demand, or emergency response risk assessments. Upon your request, our network of 150K+ mobile app users will be notified to take photo & survey data at your sites
within minutes. 

Download your free mid-winter prep checklist here.