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How Facilities Management Professionals Can Leverage the Gig Economy

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For individuals, the gig economy provides a way to supplement existing income or provide primary income. Younger generations, for example, have used gigs as a ‘side-hustle’ to make up for stagnant wages. With the pandemic, however, gigs have become the main livelihood for many whose jobs have been locked down. Either way, gigs put earning power in the hands of workers rather than a boss or supervisor. In effect, the more gigs one takes, the more one earns.

For companies, leveraging the gig economy can help save costs and expand the talent pool. Hiring gig workers eliminates the need to spend on employee benefits, taxes, or additional overhead. Recruitment and interviewing costs are also reduced. Gig workers can fill in the gap during peak season to meet customer demand. New skillsets can be tested out within a company without affecting payroll. Perhaps most important, however, is that gig workers help companies meet aggressive deadlines and speed up project delivery.

Benefits for Facility Managers

Speed is an expectation in virtually every area of life. For facilities management, instant visual verification of properties can increase productivity and help facility managers implement proactive plans. But retrieving this information can be challenging. Enter iVueit. The iVueit platform instantly expands and enhances portfolio visibility using gig workers, a.k.a. ‘Vuers’ who earn money for every project, a.k.a. ‘Vue.’ These Vuers provide high-quality site audits and data collection anywhere in the country, all within 24 hours of the request. Real-time photos and survey data reveal which issues require immediate attention and which areas should be addressed in the future.

Ways FM can leverage the gig economy:

  1. Service verification
  2. Contract compliance
  3. Asset management
  4. Sampling
  5. Real-time data
  6. Emergency response

Facility managers benefit with faster, more economical site audits and Vuers earn money for every job completed. It’s the gig economy at its best!

iVueit, along with a powerful gig economy, can help facility managers get eyes on their sites and maintain portfolio value without the added stress or expense. Learn more or request a free demo today!