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Facility Management Compliance | 5 Reasons You Need To Do This 1 Thing

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When you adopt standards, you are investing your time and money into achieving your compliance goals. It’s not enough to define and educate your team on your adopted standard, but you must implement, assess, and improve your standards like it’s nobody’s business. Regardless of if you follow through with the process of educating, implementing, assessing, and improving, you still run into challenges that make it difficult to achieve compliance. Challenges that are contractual, ethical, operational, financial, regulatory, etc.

Now imagine this. Before signing any SLA, your vendor must adopt a system that standardizes operations, creates a seamless approach to performance measurement and verification, simplifies how business should be done for a global portfolio, and has a reputation for long-run savings.

The reality of things is you can. Here’s 5 more reasons why you should.

  1. Access unlimited network of independent contractors
  2. Instantly expand and enhance your boots on the ground
  3. Give back time to your frontline/internal team
  4. Eliminate potential bias data coming from field technicians
  5. Take advantage of third-party verification and photo/data escalation.

When retailers and/ or contractors use the iVueit platform, they enhance the fundamentals of an effective compliance program throughout a nationwide portfolio.  View in detail how world leading brands like Dollar General, Chase Bank, Target, and many more have adopted this idea.