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Target Interior Asset Management


614 properties across 46 states nationwide


100% completion in less than 30 days


65% savings versus traditional method


42K+ interior asset touch points inspected


Scope: 614 sites in 46 states

Vue: Interior Asset Management

Location: Target

Industry: Facilities Management

COVID-19 compliance regulations mandated that the touch-free indoor bottle station be installed on every site in our client’s portfolio. To prepare for installation, our client needed pre-construction photos to determine how many fountain banks were at each location and their accompanying model, serial number, location, and surrounding environment.
By tapping into iVueit’s on-demand Vuer Network, the project was accomplished in an expeditious 30 days or less and for a reduced cost compared to traditional methods.


-Portfolio consisted of sites in extremely remote areas (Hawaii, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Maine, New Mexico)
-Limited internal resources and team members to meet such a high demand of time and travel this type of project would require
-Short time window for completion based on store manager’s hours

-Our Vue experts customized a survey that captured specific locations of each water fountain bank, model, serial number, wall material, and distance to electrical outlets

-All Vuers met with an on-site manager upon store arrival

-Vues were scheduled for completion during a specific timeframe typically between 8am-2pm Monday-Friday

-iVueit’s in-house quality control team reviewed all Vues submitted and escalated any problem areas that may need immediate attention

-614 sites were surveyed, quality control reviewed, and organized in one cohesive data management portal in less than 30 days

Project execution time exceeded expectations by 5 months and was completed in less than 30 days, creating opportunity for maximum efficiency for the installation of touch-free bottle stations

-Our client was able to prioritize work orders, strategically plan material purchasing, and make informed decisions at all milestones of the project

-Our client maintained transparency with the retailer with time stamped, geo-mapped photos of the entire portfolio including 42K+ interior and exterior data touch points 

-100% hands free operation that otherwise would have required significant time, travel, and internal team members to complete within a short time window

-247 Vuers completed Vues in 45 states and 538 cities nationwide

-Our client saw around 65% cost savings versus traditional methods of asset inventory and data collection 


Whether it's our Vuer Network or your internal team, our platform allows you to capture, track and monitor any site across the U.S.
Our Vuers are skilled at completing Vues on both the Interior and Exterior of your sites
Once a vuer accepts a Starbucks Vue they are sent an access code to enter the interior of the dark store
Geo Mapping
Immediately see where Vuers snapped photos on your properties so you can quickly interpret the data
Day / Night
Our Vuers are out Day and Night capturing photos and data for our Clients on properties throughout the U.S.
Customizable Survey
Create custom surveys tailored specifically for every location and easily export the data all in one place
Internal Team
Monitor your contractors or internal team when they use our platform to track projects from start to finish
Geo Tagging
All photos are time and date stamped so you can always cross-check for accuracy
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