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Choctaw Lake Property Management


2,305 home inspections across 1 county


24/7 performance & reporting capabilities


80% savings vs traditional methods


100% of data organized in one place


Scope: 2,305 parcels in 1 county

Vue: Internal 

Location: Choctaw Lake

Industry: Property Management


When this property manager needed an improved method for self-performed inspections, saving time and improving overall communication were at the top of his priority list. Leveraging iVueit’s internal network technology provided a streamlined process for collecting, managing and reporting the data collected. 


The biggest challenge for this property manager was finding an efficient way to track  inspections in real time without having to manually enter data into multiple systems.

He also wanted to have access to accurate information about each parcel or lot that he was inspecting so that he could properly document any potential issues or violations during the inspection process. Finally, he wanted a simplified reporting technique that would allow him to quickly and easily compile all the data collected from his inspections into an organized report that could then be sent back to his office or tenants for review.

  • lack of organization
  • communication difficulties
  • lack of timely reporting
  • inefficient storage management
  • difficulty in tracking task


With iVueit’s internal mode feature, the property manager was able to see a clear visual of what inspections needed to be completed, where the inspections were located, and alert his office & tenants  once the inspections were completed. These monthly inspections included: property maintenance, dams, and code violations.

The accuracy achieved through using iVueit’s technology meant that the property manager could spend less time worrying about inaccuracies and instead focus on helping people within his jurisdiction get access to resources they need quickly and easily.

  • real-time alerts when inspections are completed
  • streamlined reporting techniques to tenants and employees
  • one place to store, manage, and export property information
  • accurate an up-to-date data verification
  • eliminate errors caused by traditional filing systems


iVueit’s technology proved invaluable in helping this client streamline their community inspection process. With its accuracy, ease of use, and simplified reporting technique it was exactly what they needed to improve efficiency while still maintaining control over their processes.


Whether it's our Vuer Network or your internal team, our platform allows you to capture, track and monitor any site across the U.S.
Our Vuers are skilled at completing Vues on both the Interior and Exterior of your sites
Once a vuer accepts a Starbucks Vue they are sent an access code to enter the interior of the dark store
Geo Mapping
Immediately see where Vuers snapped photos on your properties so you can quickly interpret the data
Day / Night
Our Vuers are out Day and Night capturing photos and data for our Clients on properties throughout the U.S.
Customizable Survey
Create custom surveys tailored specifically for every location and easily export the data all in one place
Internal Team
Monitor your contractors or internal team when they use our platform to track projects from start to finish
Geo Tagging
All photos are time and date stamped so you can always cross-check for accuracy
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