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Albany GA Disaster Recovery


30,000 parcels of land documented


< 30 days to complete 100% of project


$100,000’s saved versus traditional method


1,100 daily Vues completed on average


Scope: 30,000 parcels in one city

Vue: Parcel Land Survey

Location: City of Albany

Industry: Municipality


iVueit recently completed a Residential, Commercial, and Vacant Property site survey for The City of Albany, GA. The objective of this project was to determine the scale of damage remaining from Hurricane Michael which caused widespread destruction throughout the city in 2018.

Upon receiving their Community Development Block Grant in 2020, the Department of Planning and Development Services recognized the crucial need to collaborate with a contractor capable of gathering, reviewing, and sharing the substantial amount of property data required for informed decision-making affecting economic development within the city.


The iVueit Solution

  • Leveraged the 100’s of Vuers who already had the iVueit app downloaded to complete nearby surveys in their own community as well as recruit new Vuers through tv and digital advertising
  • Filtered hundreds of thousands of dollars back into hands of Albany residents who completed the Vues
  • Cut project projection time from 1+ year to under 30 days, while simultaneously freeing up Albany’s internal resources to focus on other projects
  • Maximized the utilization of CDBG funding by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars through cost-effective survey implementation within their recovery plan


How Will This Information Benefit the City of Albany?

  • Aid in building a resiliency plan & identify ways that will help Albany build back stronger
  • Provide additional data to attract investors and businesses seeking opportunities for impactful economic development
  • Attract more businesses and residents to Albany, fostering the growth of high-quality neighborhoods within the city
The City of Albany, Georgia, needed a parcel-by-parcel inventory of the entire jurisdiction. The project’s purpose is to assess property conditions throughout the City. The survey is a huge undertaking, with over 30,000 parcels that need to be photographed and evaluated. Fortunately for us, iVueit was just the company to take on this project. They have been extremely easy to work with, and we are very satisfied with the relationship so far.

-Paul Forgey, Director of Planning & Development


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Whether it's our Vuer Network or your internal team, our platform allows you to capture, track and monitor any site across the U.S.
Our Vuers are skilled at completing Vues on both the Interior and Exterior of your sites
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Geo Mapping
Immediately see where Vuers snapped photos on your properties so you can quickly interpret the data
Day / Night
Our Vuers are out Day and Night capturing photos and data for our Clients on properties throughout the U.S.
Customizable Survey
Create custom surveys tailored specifically for every location and easily export the data all in one place
Internal Team
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Geo Tagging
All photos are time and date stamped so you can always cross-check for accuracy
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