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Dollar General Overall Exterior


Retail Sector

 Vue Type

Overall Exterior


10K Sites in 42 States


Vuer Network


Status:  100% 3X/Year  10% 1X/Month

Vue: Overall Exterior

Location: Retail Sector

Facility: Dollar General

Photos: 15-20

Network: Vuers

Cost: $25

Scope: 10K Sites in 43 States

Opportunity & Outcome

Despite the pandemic and uncertain economic times, Dollar General has seen a boom in business. This success has afforded the chain to open several new locations in rural and suburban areas underserved by other operators. However, massive growth and a spike in-store traffic presented new challenges concerning facility upkeep. Dollar General needed a cost-effective way to assess the condition of properties on a regular basis. iVueit was chosen to help the retailer gain valuable insight into its portfolio of stores, even in the most remote areas.

-Massive growth acceleration
-Widespread portfolio of properties; many in remote locations
-Limited visibility of sites
-Accountability/quality assurance
-Budget constraints

– iVueit platform saw the exterior of nearly 10K sites in 42 states
-Photo verification ensured that landscape, paving, and other service contractors completed work
consistently and accurately
-Customized survey audited overall exterior condition
-Vues recur 3X/year and 10% of sites are seen once per month to provide ongoing insight
-Cost is $25 per site


Dollar General requested specific Vues and survey data for each site. The Vue consisted of photos capturing grass height, rolltainers, all four sides of the building, retention/detention ponds, mulch beds, trees/shrubs, parking lot islands, dumpster area, and parking lot. Survey data documented the overall
exterior condition. The insight helped Dollar General make well-informed and timely maintenance decisions. Plus, the increased visibility and ability to hold contractors accountable resulted in the best landscaping season in 2020 with the least amount of complaints.


Whether it's our Vuer Network or your internal team, our platform allows you to capture, track and monitor any site across the U.S.
Our Vuers are skilled at completing Vues on both the Interior and Exterior of your sites
Once a vuer accepts a Starbucks Vue they are sent an access code to enter the interior of the dark store
Geo Mapping
Immediately see where Vuers snapped photos on your properties so you can quickly interpret the data
Day / Night
Our Vuers are out Day and Night capturing photos and data for our Clients on properties throughout the U.S.
Customizable Survey
Create custom surveys tailored specifically for every location and easily export the data all in one place
Internal Team
Monitor your contractors or internal team when they use our platform to track projects from start to finish
Geo Tagging
All photos are time and date stamped so you can always cross-check for accuracy
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