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Dougherty County Zoning & Planning


8,050 locations in 1 county


80% of Vues were completed in the first week


$32K+ was filtered back into the community


78 Vuers completed project


Scope: 8,050 locations in one county

Vue: Parcel Land Survey

Location: Dougherty County

Industry: Municipality


Dougherty County needed to collect property data from 8,050 parcels for future initiatives. Up-to-date visual documentation of residential, commercial, and vacant lots aimed to empower the commission’s informed decision-making for future zoning and planning endeavors.



  • A project of this magnitude would take the county years to complete
  • Without up-to-date photos in a timely manner, it would be difficult to get necessary zoning & planning projects passed
  • The county needed to identify leftover damage from Hurricane Michael, but have limited resources to send into the field
  • Finding a third party vendor to complete nearly 10K surveys was out of budget



iVueit delivered a tailored solution by customizing surveys targeting various parcel types. These surveys efficiently captured crucial information, encompassing current conditions, structure count, occupancy status, building material, and more. To ensure comprehensive coverage, Dougherty’s local Vuer Network received early project notifications and education, amplifying community awareness through news outlets. Over 8,000 Vues were dispatched via the iVueit app, capitalizing on a well-trained local workforce from previous projects. Vuers’ participation not only facilitated accurate data collection but also provided supplemental income, fostering a positive economic impact within the community. This orchestrated execution underscores iVueit’s commitment to empowering municipalities with effective, community-engaging solutions for data collection and assessment initiatives.



  • 80% of Vues were completed the first week
  • $32K+ was filtered back into the community
  • 5 sites with unrepaired storm damaged identified
  • Dougherty county had complete transparency to make rational decisions when it comes to future planning and zoning projects


Whether it's our Vuer Network or your internal team, our platform allows you to capture, track and monitor any site across the U.S.
Our Vuers are skilled at completing Vues on both the Interior and Exterior of your sites
Once a vuer accepts a Starbucks Vue they are sent an access code to enter the interior of the dark store
Geo Mapping
Immediately see where Vuers snapped photos on your properties so you can quickly interpret the data
Day / Night
Our Vuers are out Day and Night capturing photos and data for our Clients on properties throughout the U.S.
Customizable Survey
Create custom surveys tailored specifically for every location and easily export the data all in one place
Internal Team
Monitor your contractors or internal team when they use our platform to track projects from start to finish
Geo Tagging
All photos are time and date stamped so you can always cross-check for accuracy
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