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Technology Facility Management Trends of 2021
Managing a portfolio of facilities is tough on its own. Add to it health/safety measures, travel restrictions, and telework and it can quickly become overwhelming. But fortunately, the industry and its affiliates are using these hurdles to innovate.

Three key trends stand out:

#1 Compliance and Regulations

In a world battling a pandemic, health guidelines and safety practices continue to change rapidly. Being able to respond quickly and implement changes is critical. But ensuring consistency in compliance can be complicated. That’s why technology is essential.

Apps, work-order management systems, sensors, RFID chips, robots, and drones are all part of the facility manager’s toolbox.  These tools make it easier to remotely assess sites, but the iVueit platform can also help facilitate quick decision-making. Not sure if your facilities are compliant with social distancing guidelines or mask mandates? Don’t wait for a complaint. iVueit can show you—often within minutes of making a request on the app. Perhaps you need verification of proper sign and floor markers, iVueit’s crowdsourced technology can get you those answers in record time. Regardless if you need eyes on one site or ten-thousand sites, with iVueit, there is no need to speculate—our visual verification tool provides clarity.

#2 Remote monitoring

 As some are still faced with travel restrictions, many facility managers cannot be on site at regular intervals. Not knowing what’s out there makes it difficult to budget or plan for routine maintenance. Technology can help bridge the gap. iVueit is the perfect complement to physical site inspections. Through pictures, video, and site surveys, collected by our workforce of mobile app users (a.k.a. ‘Vuers’), facility managers can see their sites from home and effectively manage risk before it impacts the budget or brand image. Using technology as part of the process saves time, money, and resources—freeing up in-house teams for other core activities that deliver strategic value.

#3 Collaboration

With a remote workforce, it’s not always easy to collaborate across teams or with service providers. Web conference tools alone are not enough. With the iVueit platform you can create, exchange, and organize proposals, work orders, photos, videos, and other project documents all in one place from the palm of your hand. Capturing milestones in real time helps with accountability and on-time delivery. 

While no one has a crystal ball, it’s a safe bet that facilities management will continue to be challenging long after Covid-19. But with a willingness to implement new technology and adapt to changing circumstances, success will follow. iVueit can get you there quicker. Contact us to learn more or request a free demo today.