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iVueit’s Quality Control Feature: Ensuring Precision and Compliance Across Industries

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In a world where first impressions are everything, upholding high standards is essential. At iVueit, we take pride in our quality control feature, designed to elevate transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in monitoring and maintaining properties. Our process involves reviewing every photo captured by our Vuers and identifying potential issues, referred to as escalations. These can range from overgrown grass, trash/debris, property damage, and more. Here’s an in-depth look at how our quality control system works and how it benefits various industries.

How Our Quality Control Feature Works

Real-Time Escalations

Our dedicated quality control review team meticulously examines each photo submitted by our Vuers. If an issue is detected, it is immediately escalated. Some common examples include:

  • Overgrown grass or unkempt landscaping
  • Trash or debris on the property
  • Property damage such as broken windows or graffiti

Clients can also request specific items to be escalated, such as:

  • Signs of unauthorized occupancy in vacant homes
  • Sign outages in retail stores
  • Incorrect pricing on products
  • No inventory on shelves
  • Proof of liability risks, such as a trampoline in a yard

These escalations are communicated to clients in real-time, allowing for swift action and mitigation of potential issues.

Industry-Specific Examples of Escalations

Facilities Management

For facilities managers, maintaining the curb appeal and functionality of a property is a never ending cycle of putting out fires (figuratively & literally). An escalation in this industry might include:

  • Water leaks detected in a dark store
  • A snow pile blocking an ADA parking space
  • Past due fire extinguisher inspection

Retail (CPG)

In the retail sector, ensuring that displays and products are executing according to plan are top of mind for brands, distributors and retailers. Here’s a few examples of escalations iVueit finds for our clients.

  • A retail store not following planogram adherence for a specific brand
  • Out-of-stock products that need restocking
  • Incorrect product prices / promotions not being marketed


For residential properties, particularly those that are unoccupied, maintaining a secure and appealing environment is essential. An escalation might include:

  • Signs of unauthorized occupancy, such as lights on or personal items present
  • Property damage, like broken fences or vandalism
  • Overgrown lawns or neglected landscaping


Municipalities are responsible for the upkeep of public spaces and facilities. An escalation might involve:

  • Trash accumulation and dumping at homes & public spaces
  • Tarps on roofs from a past hurricane or storm damage
  • Graffiti on public buildings or structures


Insurance companies rely on accurate property assessments to manage risk. An escalation might include:

  • Unsafe structures, like an old, dilapidated treehouse in the backyard
  • Damage to insured properties, such as roof damage after a storm
  • Signs of neglect or lack of maintenance that could increase risk


Enhanced Client Experience with Real-Time Alerts

Soon, our clients will benefit from real-time notifications and email alerts for any escalations. They will also be able to see the top three recent escalated sites directly on their portal dashboard. These sites are marked with red geo-coded dots on a Google Map, pinpointing exactly where a Vuer captured a problematic photo. When clients export their site data, any escalated photo is highlighted in red, ensuring that issues are instantly brought to their attention.

Driving 100% Compliance and Industry Transformation

At iVueit, we are committed to driving 100% compliance through real-time visual verification. Our platform offers transparency like these industries have never experienced, allowing clients to monitor their properties at scale, efficiently, and cost-effectively. This level of visibility helps identify trends and potential issues before they become major problems, ultimately mitigating future risks.

The Big Picture: Long-Term Benefits

By leveraging our quality control feature, clients gain insights into overall trends and recurring issues. This proactive approach not only addresses immediate concerns but also helps in planning long-term maintenance and improvements. The ability to spot and resolve problems early can save significant costs and resources, ensuring properties are well-maintained and compliant with industry standards.

With iVueit’s quality control feature, we are changing the industry landscape. No longer are there excuses or exceptions; clients have transparency at their fingertips, enabling them to maintain the highest standards of property management and oversight. Join us in embracing this transformative approach and experience the benefits of real-time visual verification and escalations.

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