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3 Ways FM’s Succeed with a Conscious Carbon Footprint

Facility management professionals can combat chaos and costs by being conscious of one thing: their carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for roughly 40% of the total energy consumption in the US. Strategic, eco-friendly changes can help facility managers maximize their visibility and stop money from, quite literally, slipping through the cracks. So, how can FM professionals tap into the benefits of going green?

Think Local

Crowdsourced technology can be used to access an unlimited network of local independent contractors. This approach of dispatching local contractors to perform routine and preventative site audits and sampling can help increase risk awareness and enable FMs to proactively respond. Additionally, the on-demand nature of crowdsourcing is key when monitoring the state of aging infrastructures.

Conserve Resources

By outsourcing locally, facility managers can significantly reduce travel, increase cost savings, and give time back to internal teams. The third-party photographic data provided through crowdsourced technology can help facility managers verify accuracy and easily make evidence-based decisions. Having the ability to monitor and track sites remotely also improves visibility across all sites and increases efficiency of response times.

Stay Competitive

In addition to draining costly resources, the longer damage goes unresolved, the more likely customers may become to choose a competitor. Lighting is responsible for the largest consumption of electricity used by commercial buildings. Not keeping up with lighting can tarnish customers’ perception of the brand and lead to higher costs in wasted resources. Particularly, illuminated signage can greatly contribute to customers’ first impression of safety and confidence, and can ultimately affect their decision to continue choosing the company over a competitor. Because of this, facilities managers having the opportunity to view sites more consistently from a customer’s perspective is imperative to ensuring the delivery of consistent and high quality customer experiences.

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