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signage issues
Illuminated Signage Issues? Be the First to Take Charge.

Illuminated signage represents your brand as far as the eye can see…so long as it’s lit. But we’ve all come across the opposite. Signs with flickering lights, one or two dark letters, or those experiencing a complete outage. It immediately detracts from your brand. And, in some cases, dark letters may even send the wrong message. Shell without the ‘S’ doesn’t sound like a pleasant place to pump gas.

So, how can you ensure this doesn’t happen at your properties? You could ask on-site management to report issues. But busy employees don’t always take notice. The solution requires routine night audits. After all, detecting and resolving issues early, such as a flickering letter, helps prevent a complete outage.

Routine night audits can be expensive, however. They also tie up resources and take a considerable amount of time—especially if you have a widespread portfolio. Fortunately, there is a better approach!

iVueit Lights the Way

With our digital platform, you are connected to an on-demand workforce of independent local consumers, also known as Vuers, who can quickly perform night audits and data collection (a.k.a. Vues) anywhere in the country. Need eyes on your sites at dusk once a month? Done. Want to know the condition of letter channels, ATM lighting, or canopy lights? No problem. How about signage positioning (have signs or letters become loose or tilted)? Are all illuminated signs accurate and up to date? Vuers can report on these specific issues, too. And all of this can be accomplished for less than $50 per site.

Take Charge Instantly

Photos and data of your illuminated signage are uploaded and stored in one central hub making it easy to access and share with your facilities team. But you don’t have to sort through data to know if a particular site requires attention. Our quality control team reviews all assets provided by Vuers and we will escalate a property and alert you immediately if something is not right.

Stay Enlightened

When repairs are necessary, iVueit can also be used to request Vues of work in progress or completed workmanship/proof-of-service. This helps to hold all contractors accountable and provides you with peace of mind.

iVueit is the fastest and most economical way to get eyes on your sites. Our technology will help brighten your image without added stress or expense and free up resources to focus on other areas. Make the switch today!