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So here’s the story. Mike and Matt are longtime friends and colleagues who have been in the FM industry for the majority of their careers. They quickly realized the industry has a never-ending demand for real-time photo and survey documentation. But instead of struggling to do things the traditional way, they did something about it.

iVueit was merely a far-fetched idea when they first discussed it.

“How do we disrupt how data is captured. How do we remove this blind spot in our industry?  I mean ridiculously fast and dramatically affordable at scale?  How do we flip the way we traditionally think of driving compliance?  We do it with people. Lots and lots of people!”

It sounded like the perfect solution. But at the time was just a random idea. But the thing about random ideas, is that if we don’t follow them, we will always wonder what if. This time, Mike & Matt refused to wonder what if. So they built the iVueit app, they grew a network of 250K+ nationwide Vuers, and they quickly saw that this solution would disrupt the FM industry forever, and it did. And it continues to every day. Now, iVueit is the leading FM platform powered by crowdsourcing to gather on-demand property insights. It took a lot of hard work, faith, a rockstar team and support from our app users (Vuers) & those in the industry.

Now, our team is on that “can’t stop, won’t stop” energy.

And our why will always remain the same. To bridge the gap between FM professionals and the properties they service or manage at unmatched speeds and cost savings – while simultaneously providing never ending side jobs for people in communities across the world. Life is all about learning from your past, applying it to the present, and eventually being able to give back in a way that is bigger than you could have ever imagined. What was once a random thought turned into the FM platform used by the world’s largest retail brands and FM companies to gather real-time documentation on their nationwide portfolios.

The platform they built is not a game changer.


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