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iVueit 3.8

ivueit 3.8 Now Available

Exciting news Vuers! You can now update to the latest version of the iVueit app to get the most out of your Vuer experience. Let’s do a quick overview of what you can expect:


List View: A new list view can we found on the search page, which displays a filterable/sortable list of Vues near your current location (within 30 miles). You can filter to one or more Vue types, clear filters, and sort by distance or payout.

Vuer Profile: You can now add/replace/remove a profile photo on your Vuer Profile. Tap anywhere on your profile then select add photo. You can choose from an existing photo or capture a new one through the app.

PayPal Withdraw: Now when you withdraw funds the app will promopt a confirmation message explaining where the funds will go and what you shouyld have prepared to receive the funds (a personal account associated with the phone number used for your Vuer account).

List View
Vuer Profile Picture Update
PayPal Withdraw Confirmation