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Not Knowing is Not Okay – iVueit Takes the Worry Out of Winter


Winter weather can be stressful for people and properties alike. Black ice makes driving dangerous and walking hazardous due to the increased potential for slip-and-fall accidents. But snow and ice can also wreak havoc on your properties. Heavy snow can cause roofs or gutters to collapse and it can build-up on HVAC units causing poor performance or restricted airflow. Snowdrifts can pile up in parking lots and deny drivers precious spaces to park. It’s more than a nuisance, Old Man Winter can be expensive and even result in lawsuits or lost business.

Don’t let this happen to your properties. Proper and timely snow removal verification is possible with iVueit. Here’s how our innovative technology can work for you this winter:

  1. Be Prepared – Instantly deploy one of our Vuers to your site(s) anytime, anywhere in the country to gather survey data before a predicted snowstorm. Pre-snow assessments include snow mapping to indicate where snow should be pushed and excess snow stacked.
  2. Take Action – During the storm, request Vues (a.k.a. photos, video, surveys) to help you take appropriate action. All data is geo-mapped and time stamped. Precise visual verification helps contractors create a clear scope of work and provide more accurate estimates. Vues are easily organized so that facility managers can reference and compare the data over time to determine, for example, whether a snow removal contract makes sense for a particular site or portfolio of sites.
  3. Get the Right Results – iVueit can be used to monitor snow removal in progress as well as verify workmanship post job to hold contractors accountable and ensure compliance.
  4. Damage Control – After a snowfall, request Vues to assess your sites and take care of any damage that may have occurred to the roof, landscape, asphalt, or sidewalks.
  5. Spend Less Time, Resources, and Money – Our Vuers can get to your sites at unmatched speeds to enable proactive planning and decision making. You can view all photos, video, and survey data from the palm of your hand, without ever setting foot on the property or using your internal resources for physical site visits. And the best part? Using iVueit costs less than $50 per site.

This season take the worry out of winter. At iVueit, we specialize in getting you quick and economical property insights anytime, anywhere, all season long. Request a free demo today!