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Pandemic Playbook for Contractors – How to Leverage the Power of Digital Project Management

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We get it. As a commercial contractor, you have a lot on your plate. From back office to front-facing service and everything in between, daily operations are always challenging. And with current health and safety regulations due to the pandemic, you may be doing more with less resources besides.

Fewer team members can lead to a variety of problems including communication issues, hasty work or mistakes, and costly call-backs. While this can be mitigated with a dedicated on-site project manager for every job, that solution is expensive and unrealistic, especially in a pandemic. Yet your clients still expect and deserve high quality. So, what can you do?

Go digital with iVueit. Our platform can help you manage critical aspects of every job without sparing valuable resources or spending precious time and money traveling to every jobsite. With iVueit, you can create, exchange, and organize proposals, work orders, photos, videos, and other project documents all in one place from the palm of your hand.

Our technology is leveraged by commercial contractors to support the back office as well as to enhance front-facing services:

Back-office solutions

  1. Procurement – Store and share scope of work, terms and conditions, warranty, and insurance documents along with supporting project Vues (i.e. photos, videos, surveys) for verification of compliance
  2. Quality Control – Request before and after photos/videos to hold all team members accountable for accuracy and quality workmanship
  3. Accounting – Store and share financial documents; preserve the right to be paid

Front-facing solutions

  1. Customer Service – Improve communication by capturing project milestones in real time (through photos/videos or survey data) and sharing with clients
  2. Quality Assurance – Provide photographic verification of work performed (i.e. proof of service) to satisfy your clients’ commercial service agreements
  3. Sales/Marketing – Create a portfolio of all work/projects to promote your services and capabilities to prospective clients

While the pandemic has changed many things, properties continue to age and need repair. Your commercial contracting business can deliver on client expectations even better than before with iVueit. Try it today and see how contractors across the nation are using and benefiting from our technology.